Mathilde & Jérémy, December 2014 @ "Les Rhodos" - La Clusaz ski resort - Haute Savoie:

Pierre is more than a photographer, it's tailor-made! Available, and always cheerful it is effective, discreet and super attentive with the bride and also the groom who really needs too! Congratulations Pierre and thank you!

Rose & Julien, august 2014 @ Aix les bains - Savoie - French Alps:

Very friendly photographer with whom we have had very good contacts. It was also very popular with guests. On the wedding day, it has established itself as was clear and also when necessary. He always made available for the preparation of D-Day and gave us good advice. And ultimately an incomparable quality of photos! Thank you Pierre!

Marion & Christelle, septembre 2014 @ Annecy - Haute Savoie:

Pierre is a great photographer who knows how to capture the personalities and play in his photos. Our wedding photos are full and we immortalize this event to perfection. Pierre has a very good relationship that made our pleasant and fun exchanges. We highly recommend it.

Marine & Guillaume, september 2014 @ Chateauneuf de Gadagne - Vaucluse - Provence:

Super Photographer, very friendly, very professional and above all listen to our wishes. Pierre takes the time to meet with us and discuss our personalities, our desires, our passions, which allows him to know us better and to better understand his work as a photographer. It is full of great ideas. The photos are beautiful with gorgeous colors. He strictly followed everything that was asked of him. We had photos very quickly. I definitely recommend.

Sylvie & Laurent, august 2014 @ Aix Les Bains - Savoy - French Alps:

Choosing a wedding photographer is not easy. After all it is he who will be responsible for immortalizing "the best day" of your life. Yet it was not so difficult for us, we have "flashed" on the work of Pierre after throwing a look at his portfolio. And we did not make a mistake! For not only is it really good at what he is asked: make beautiful pictures full of emotions, but it adds more professionalism, his valuable advice and good humor! A pleasure at this somewhat stressful day, so everyone was happy. Often even then heard was "your photographer was great!" from our guests :) And they were right !!!

Sophie & Brice, july 2014 @ Vieugy & Talloires - Annecy Lake - Haute Savoie:

An outstanding photographer! Pierre us immediately inspired confidence and envy, and regret nothing! Always available, smiling, Pierre has a lots of energy and transmits to others! More than a photographer, he knows how to put you at ease and your guests, with both discretion, humanity, humor and professionalism. He also gave us a great accompaniment before marriage, asking the right questions to ensure that everything is going well for everyone. He was able to adapt to our desires, our environment and framework ... In the end, even our guests have adopted him! Big up to Pierre! Bravo ... and thank you!

Armelle & Nicolas, june 2014 @ Cruseilles - Switzerland border - Haute Savoie:

Very helpful, very professional and always friendly, Pierre has put us at ease and capture the magic of this day to retransmit our photos. Thank you Pierre, thanks to you we have some great memories for our life! I recommend it this professional photographer to all couples who want magical photos!

Claire & Simon, july 2013 @ Thonon les bains - Switzerland border - Haute Savoie:

Kindness, professionalism, humor and seriousness at a time, listening to the desires and very pro on the day, this is Pierre! With him, our marriage will remain etched in beautiful pictures ... Everyone enjoyed this great photographer who works hard for the bride and groom (already a little stressed!) and made sure they are comfortable and happy. In addition, he has managed to reconcile the desires of moms and step-moms with reality ... So hard! ;);) In short, we recommend him again and again!

Hélène & David, september 2013 @ Saint Martin de Bellevue - Annecy Lake - Haute Savoie:

Nice work, photos and memories that are like us! Good ideas, he put us at ease and adapt to what we wanted: simplicity, originality and fun! Thank you Peter!

Emilie & Julien, june 2013 @ Vailly - French alps - Haute Savoie:

We can only recommend Pierre. From the beginning we felt that we would do a photo essay as we envisioned: energy, novelty and style of its own. He is very professional and at the same time he can put us at ease. Availability and the various services it offers make it THE photographer we needed.

Aurélie & Olivier, june 2013 @ Saint Jorioz - Annecy Lake -  Haute Savoie:

We are very happy with Pierre who was able to sublimate this so special day! he took the time to meet us, make us think about things we could have forgotten identify places etc ... very professional while putting us at ease! Photos are really good so do not hesitate!

Sophie & Bastien, september 2010 @ la Tranche sur Mer - Atlantic Coast - Vendée:

Pierre was able to show the best moments of our wedding with lots of good humor and professionalism. The images are superb! He was available before and after the ceremony to meet our expectations perfectly. Quality, originality and dynamism are its best assets photographer!

Marie & Tom, june 2012 @ Combloux / Megève - French Alps - Haute Savoie:

We recommend this photographer to all our friends and anyone looking for a different look for their wedding photos. The quality of his work is amazing! To judge visit his site!

Audrey & Julien, june 2012 @ Marseille - Provence:

Thank you to Pierre for his professionalism during this unforgettable day, Super photos, great relationship with families and friends, great mood .. We advise Pierre for an even more successful wedding ...

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