Frequently Asked Questions

Book a wedding photographer, how it goes?

If you ask yourself this question, what's after a night of intense research on google, you have set your heart on a handful of photographers whose style Please, including me, great! Thank you thank you I'm flattered! Start by calling us ... to meet us! The feeling, the human, the personality of your photographer should be your second choice criterion after photographic style. Hire a photographer who are ill at ease, an amateur or someone uninvolved in your project, it is the insurance to rot his marriage! I make myself available to meet you in Annecy (For you, me, or on the terrace of a café, three if possible), get to know, talk about your needs, your expectations and your style. During this appointment -without Commitment-, which often lasts two hours, I'll help you plan your wedding, and you give lots of good advice if the program has not yet been established. I would ask you a bunch of questions to help you organize the event calmly and for me not to miss anything that day. After the appointment, I will give you a contract with lots of little lines strong boring but necessary to make everything clear between us. This way, you can go home and read it quietly, reflect, and especially compared with my colleagues. Oh, I forgot: if you live (very) far away, one can also see video on skype, and I can send you the contract by email. But I prefer to see you right, it's more fun over coffee. When your choice is final and irrevocable, you send me the contract signed with a deposit check (40% of the estimate), and this is it! Your time is limited! Now I'm all yours and will remain available during the months before your wedding, by email or phone to answer any further questions. In 90% of cases, I see you go a few weeks to a few days before the big day to fix the details, locate places, and reassure you about the weather :)

What is your way of working?

When the day came, I was primarily in the skin of a photojournalist: Discreet and observer, I am on the lookout for any emotion and small details. I try to do first photos taken on the spot, to capture your wedding natural. At times, and only if you want, I can take a more traditional approach is a pleasant and dynamic player. For example, when groups of photos in which I kindly gives voice so that everything runs as efficiently as possible, or at pictures of couples that I prepare with you upstream and offering poses that look like you, with whom you feel comfortable. A marriage issue, I immerse myself in my digital lab and I make a work of selection and editing pushed several days. My goal is to first select a set of comprehensive and qualitative image that will tell the story of that day. Then I digitally processes each photo one by one to give them a style and character but with the attention to natural and homogeneity: a sober and elegant style far from fleeting fashions "instagram" and too kitsch artificial effects . I will then book these photos in high definition on digital media in a custom cabinet, and to facilitate the dissemination, I provide your guests photos on my website private access. You are then free to call me in your prints or albums, as well as other options.

Do yo move ?:

Yes! Based in Annecy, I like to travel with my cameras all around the world, and I speak fluently the language of Shakespeare, Frenchy accent included.

You can come just for the ceremony?

I propose several formulas and one of them cover that possibility. However, I would give priority to full days reports: I prefer to cover your day from start to finish

Do you make group picture ?

Camp counselor during my youth, I framed nasty preteen hordes for several summer camp, so your wedding guests do not scare me, even your stepmother! Group photos shoud'nt be improvised: poorly planned, they can drag and spoil the party. We will work together in an appointment so that the group shots will super efficient and relaxed for you and your guest.

Do you propose photo animations ?

Yes, I can offer you a photo studio, a photocall and a photobooth! More information on the services page.

For our wedding, we gonna burn the dancefloor! So how late can you stay?

A wedding, for us photographers, it is a small marathon over 10 hours. Trained as a real top athlete, I sometimes play extra time. In general, I leave you at 1am, making sure I have photographied the cake and at least the first dances, but on request and at extra I can stay later if and only if you promise to dance!

I'm not photogenic (or any other way of telling me that you are not pretty / beautiful), how do you manage that? Does it matter ?

No it does not matter. I even want to tell you that that's good because I like challenges and I would love to prove you wrong. And no I do not photoshop your nose, it is very beautiful nose!

I hate posing...

I understand you, I do not like that too. By default, I prefer candid photos, in a photojournalism mind. However, it is desirable that I run a little at certain times, such as group pictures. But nothing is mandatory and I try to adapt to your desires. If you really do not like that, I can erase me completely and only capture moments from life: we'll talk about this at the appointment.

What brand is your camera ?

I usually reply that it is not the camera that makes the photographer, but it's the eye, ideas and experiences that matter to take beautiful photos. Rest assured, I work with three SLR, two flashes and an assortment of Canon professional range goals. All my equipment is doubled to deal with any potential failures or breakages on the big day Depending on your needs, I can also deploy mobile studio flashes, reflectors, modifiers, deported reporting flashes, and a old film camera...

You sell printed photos on the wedding night?

No, no, and no. I do not sell potatoes, but a full report, selected and digitally processed: a report of work that requires a week of hard work in front of my screen. If you still want your guests to order prints as soon as the photos are ready, I have a very efficient web platform for this. I also offer custom webs mini-sites to share photos easily with your guests.

Do we have to provide a meal for the photographer and where should we place it in the room?

Very good question! Some -rare- people forget that a photographer eat and drink like everyone else and I do not like it because after 10 hours of intensive picture I need to regain strength if you do not want me to collapse on the dance floor. So thank you to remember me at noon if I am present in your preparations in the morning (one cold/easy meal works well), and for the evening meal. I do not necessarily ask the same food as the guests. Often, caterers provide meals for "providers" more simple and cheaper and it suits me very well, I'm not here to taste the oyster, foie gras and Sauterne (although I really like that ...). A hot meal and a small pause to sit 5 minutes are luxuries that I did not refuse after a 10hours photo marathon. In fact the most important thing is to place me properly in the room: I do not take pictures while your guests eats (mouth full are rarely beautiful...) and eat along with them (thank you for asking the caterer to serve me at the same time). But I need to be at a table a little away to not be bothered and hinder your guests at my whereabouts and I especially need this table gives me a view of the room! It is sometimes difficult to implement but it is quite significant: Very often there are surprises, animations from your guests during the meal and I have to be able to see what is happening in the room to be able to drop my fork quickly take my camera and jump on the action so you do not miss anything of the evening! Caterers and weedings-planners are generally accustomed to this, but feel free to make it clear: it is an important detail!

Do you have wedding providers to recommend?

Yes! I recommend only providers with whom I have had the opportunity to work and were conspicuous by their seriousness and the quality of their service.

- Dj Goodka: Artiste DJ
Based in Grenoble, Mr Goodka is an independent record store and a renowed DJ. His styles: "HipHop, Soul, Deep House, Nu-Funk, Nu-Disco, Electro, Brazil, Latin, and more dancefloors Bombz." DJ Goodka is primarily a musician before being a wedding provider, book him as an artistic performance! If you are picky on your music and want to dance with your guests from 18h to 5am he is THE MAN! / /

-Mariage à La Montagne
I work in partnership with "Mariage à la montagne" (trad: Wedding in the Mountain) that will organize your own event in the restaurant "Les Rhodos" at the "Col des Aravis" ("Aravis pass"), just above the ski resort of La Clusaz:

The one and only Matt is the only person that I recommend in this area as I appreciate his work. You will be charmed by his talent and personality...

-Night System:  DJ / Sonorisation & Eclairages 
Julien is based between France and French-speaking Switzerland, I enjoyed his seriousness, his sobriety at the microphone and the quality of its playlists and his light installations! A professionnal  event manager that I recommend eyes closed for couples seeking first class service!

You have not mentioned issue here? Contact me, I would stain to respond quickly.